Antonin Dvorak

I particularly love the soothing sounds of the instruments and how they all create such a wonderful harmony. Symphony No. 9 is one of my favorites within the genre of classical music. The orchestra did a wonderful job with this piece. I love how they used a mixture of different parts of the orchestra throughout the entire symphony and how it only continued to get better from the start. The piece was very romantic and had a lovely classical tune to it which made the piece easy to listen to. I normally would listen to songs like this has when I’m running or studying as classical music helps relaxes me.

The piece, which sounds a little similar to Beethoven’s Symphony, was very upbeat and was never over powering through the entire four movements. The dynamics was to my knowledge Mezzo-Forte that provide a nice rich texture to the song. I truly did not like the narrative piece has I feel it greatly took away from the meaning of the song. Though enjoy the narration and learning about the history of the song the voice of the narrator was very distracting. Think that a short description before the song or afterwards would suffice but this idea of narrative music opened my mind to a new perspective of how to listen to USIA.

I think maybe in a conference setting this may help the audience adapt better to the music. Though as an individual I usually listen to this song as am studying and with my reasoning the voices distract me from concentrating on what I am doing. The stopping and going every so often is a little overkill and doesn’t allow you to listening to the whole movement in synchronization. However I must credit the musical narrative that if you knew nothing about the artist or the song it will greatly help you relate more to the song and the artist and the history and context of the period the music came from. Earned a lot about how the composer enjoyed African American music, which explains the use of the drums and a heavier tempo and faster beat to his music.

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