Appeal: Academic Term and Manageable Course Load

The cause is no less than my own fault, but believe the circumstances I faced led my focus away from my education. One reason why I feel that my academic progress went down was because I became new mom during my school semester and suffered a lot during and after my delivery due to personal reasons which effected me mentally and effected my focus towards my education. Struggled as a single parent with bills and was forced to work two jobs to maintain my bills and my household. Nagged to get a part-time job to help with my expenses and was still trying to go to school, but as the bills mounted part-time work wasn’t enough to keep me afloat. I had to start working full time. Tried to continue my schoolwork, but as time went on work took over my life and my education took a backseat. I didn’t plan on quitting school, so I never withdrew from classes and I constantly told myself I would continue with my courses, but it never happened.

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Now that I have stabilized myself somewhat and have all the support to help me with my daughter that now have hope to take on a light, manageable course load and get my education back on track. Hope this letter can help convince you that I can and will manage myself better and keep my grades up. If granted my request to remain as student at ICC, I will commit myself to do the work consistently to prove that I am worthy of the chance you are giving me. Thanks for your time.

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