BP and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Essay Sample

An detonation took topographic point on the Deep Water Horizon on April 20th. 2013. I will be discoursing the chief communicating job that BP faced. First I will discourse the causes of the job. 2nd I will speak about the symptoms. Third. I will discourse the cardinal stakeholder groups and the issues they are concerned about. Lastly. I will discourse how BP can utilize the communicating theoretical account to cover with each stakeholder group.

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The chief communicating job that BP was confronting is that Mr. Hayward. the main interpreter. was non really popular among the populace. This was due to the fact that he was the 1 who was responsible for the safety of the Deep Water Horizon on April 20th. This caused the populace to be really critical of him and did non swear him. The company besides had many safety jobs in the past under Sir John Brown. which caused BP to look even worse to the public oculus.

The cause of the job was that the public already wasn’t excessively fond of Mr. Hayward. therefore he merely made the company expression worse than it was. He besides wasn’t a really good communicator since he said “I would wish my life back. ” This made him seem like he was more concerned about his ain comfort so he was about the calamity that had occurred to people in the part.

The symptoms of the job were that people did non hold trust in the company any longer. BP’s portions lost 50 per centum of their value. and over 220 cases were filed against them. They were traveling downhill and the U. S authorities was interrogating them because of their past history on over looking safety jobs.

The cardinal stakeholder groups were the Fishery Industry. the Tourism Industry. and the people of the part where the oil spill occurred. The Fishery Industry had estimated a loss of 3 billion dollars. The Tourism Industry expected a bead of 70 per centum in the hereafter. The people of the part were traveling through a difficult clip due to the economic system traveling down. This caused there to be less occupations and less money flow in the country.

The transmitter should be person from the board of managers. because they have a batch of cognition about the company and can decently stand for it. The message should be encoded by explicating how regretful they are about the calamity caused due their error. They should explicate what they are presently making to repair their misidentify how they are be aftering on avoiding it in the hereafter. They should besides discourse how they are be aftering on giving back to the part where the oil spill occurred. The channel the transmitter should utilize is telecasting. since everyone tickers telecasting and it’s easier to convey a message to a big audience. They should besides make a spot of public speech production in the country so there is a more personal connexion to the audience. The transmitter should take into history that the receiving system is really disquieted and the best manner to convey the message would be by being honest and demoing how regretful BP is. The transmitter can construct chances for the receiving system to supply feedback by holding a web site on which people can show their concerns and sentiments.

In decision. BP should’ve put more planning when they were conveying their message to the stakeholders. They were unorganized and non really honest doing the stakeholders uneasy and critical of them. If they conveyed their message in a more sensitive and organized mode. they wouldn’t have gone through every bit much harm.

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