Casual vs academic writing

Any who, support you furthering your education 100%. Let me know if u have any questions or just want to hang Out. Luvs Hay Class Summary: Success requires techniques and resources. The University of Phoenix provides the resources necessary to achieve academic success. Students are assigned a Graduation Team of supportive advisors, there to guide you and answer any questions you may have regarding your academic program. There is a resource center located on campus available five days a weeks with extended hours.

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Wireless Internet, computers, printers, student workshops, and coffee are available in the resource center. Many resources offered by the university of Phoenix can be found on the Online Learning System. Some of these resources include: monitoring your academic progress, view classes, materials, assignments, and contacting your academic advisors. Another unique tool is the classroom forums, designed to allow students to discuss assignments with classmates. Encourage all my classmates to take advantage of the resources both on campus and online.

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