Finding Beauty

However, almost all of them don’t seem to care about what happened and just walked with a mind thinking about other things. Among these people, some Of them were interviewed. Surprisingly, a majority Of them did not pay attention to the musician and so did music. Some people gave a couple of bucks and went away. Very little of them can completely appreciate the music performed by Bell. In all, beauty is just around them and they just lose the eye of finding it. Pearls before Breakfast is well organized. To begin with, the author describe a scene happening outside the Metro which draw the interest of readers.

Gradually, the purpose is revealed which is whether beauty would be found in a banal setting at rush time. To get this goal, this special experiment is arranged. Before an experiment, a reasonable assumption IS necessary greatly because it can give a specific direction and make leader more clear. To Lie attain a perfect outcome, the author devote a lot of words to describing Joshua Bell who he is, his character and the relationship between he and his violin. At the same time, the violin is of great importance for musician which is also written slightly to prove this performance is significant.

However, people are not intrigued by the music and his performance is not paid attention to by people who are thinking about other things. The brilliant musician, precious violin, famous classical music and merely noticeable performance are in stark contrast. The author prefers using the method of comparison ” The skin mass move, but it is that lottery ticket dispenser that stays the busiest, with customers queuing up for Daily 6 lotto and powerboat and the ultimate suckers’ bait, those pamphlets that sell random number combination purporting to be hot’. They sell 4). He seems so apart from his audience –unseen, unheard, otherworldly?that you find yourself thinking that he is not really there. A ghost. “(Wintering up) one side is busy which a group of people desire for lucky. And another side is barely focusing on nevertheless there is performing a terrific music. The phenomena of the former and the latter are Obvious with comparison. The author uses a few individual’s example passing by the musician and analysis heir behaviors to reveal that facing beauty they should alter the fast pace to appreciate it though these examples are opposite to the author’s stance.

The expert opinion can also strengthen the power of expression. For example, the author quotes the Kant ‘s opinion that everyone can appreciate beauty whoever you are. What’s more, using statistics usually make accurate and specific. “in the three-quarters of an hour that Joshua Bell played, seven people stopped what they were doing to hang around and take in the performance, at least for a minute. Twenty-seven gave money, most of them on the run?for a total of $32 and change. (Wintering up) Once having Lie specific statistics, the article could become real and credible. The author selects some opposite examples to state that beauty should be found at an easy rate from tiny things. Just walking ahead, though there are some precious pearls on the ground, people with going fast would not notice them and miss them regretfully. So do not walk straight only. Decrease the speed of walking and at some appropriate time stop to appreciate the views around the street. Like musician in the paper, there are also usual things around them.

The colorful flowers, pure stream, all kinds Of wilds and cute animals, and gentle breeze are worthy of appreciation. Do not look down on these usual things. As a matter of fact, usual things usually contain philosophy about life. That is why a bunch of poets are willing to go to the nature and focus on tiny things, then result in a serious of thoughts about life. Living in the modern society, a great deal of people face with the stress of purchasing house and cars. At the same time, the burden of business can also prevent us room rest.

But, these are not excuses for appreciating beauty. Finding beauty need open heart to accept not receive because accepting is active but receiving is passive. Sometimes, beauty can ‘t only bring the enjoyment from the nature or music, but also give the inspiration of business. Beauty usually contains enormous power. For example, Ma Yuan, a Chief executive officer Of Alabama, has a hobby that he is willing to go out, touring or just walking around in the park when he faces difficulties or puzzles. While he comes, he is full of vigor and looks problems clearly.

Nowadays, a lot of people have leaned to wait. As some holiday comes, couples, friends, or families always come together to the theatre, cinema, or go on vacation to relax themselves. In addition, a few people are not taking a photograph. On the weekend, they may get together and go into the nature to find tiny beauty hiding intricacies of branches, sunrise and sunset, or blooming flowers. The beauty around their daily life does not satisfy the requirement of interest. They need go out of life and search for more beauty in nature.

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