Ford Versus Hard Rock Cafe

This means to give a place where all will always be welcome regardless of age, sex or class. Survey are done on a regular basis to evaluate quality Of food and service at the cafe©. Scores are rated on a 1 to 7 scale, and if the score is not a 7, the food or service is a failure. Process and Capacity Design They are always looking for new markets. They start by annealing the environment and then determine the corporate mission. With this information they form a strategy. In their strategy, they evaluate the mission, external opportunities, external threats, internal weaknesses and internal strengths.

Location Strategy Hard Rock Cafe© is composed of 106 locations in 38 countries. Their location strategy is to locate their facility in a tourist area or environment. Their 70% of guests are tourist. They also take in consideration, political risk, currency risk, social norm, brand fit, social costs and business practice in that location. Each merchandise in each location are different. The merchandise have the logo of Hard Rock Cafe© and the name of the country where it was located. Layout Strategy TV. Tend to put a lot of memorabilia.

Their memorabilia consist of items which are worth over 40 million. Their strategy is to incorporate the audiovisual element, bar element, and the people element (the most important) to make a rockabilly experience that the customers will never forget. The collections are lady out following a pattern. The main artist will be located always in the middle and the artist that were influenced by that main artist will be located around it That way the collection tells a story. The collections are circulated between world wide location so that there is a ever hanging environment in every visit.

Human Resources and Job Design The people element is the most important element of all. That is why Hard Rock Cafe© employees are not only competent in their job skills but are also passionate about music and have engaging personalities. Most of the employees work in the cafe© but there are some working in the retail shop. Supply Chain Management Hard Rock Cafe© is always finding new markets around the world. They improve supply chain by locating in countries with unique resources labor, expertise and raw materials. Inventory, MR.,SIT

They work tithe a pull system, in which the product is made according to what the client demand is. Scheduling Cafe© staff is scheduled down to 15 minute intervals to meet seasonal and daily demand changes in the tourist environment. Maintenance Hard Rock Cafe© wants to keep the experience that is brought to the customers. For this reason, they modify and change is venues, music, layout, memorabilia. The purpose is t satisfied the clients needs of a new experience. They also keep expanding their empire, because of this they are 92% of brand recognition.

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