How Was the First Rock and Roll Song

This rock and roll style of music first came into play by singer-songwriter Lighting’ Hopkins. His song “Play with your Poodle” displays all of the edginess and hardest in the lyrics and instruments play of this song. His lyrics were very free and loose a style that is used a lot in rock and roll. His vocal power and confident as a singer pushed his blues like style, into a more rock and roll feel.

He pushed the limits with his lyrics and his attitude was as roil as our can be. Hopkins caused a lot of friction with this song being so vulgar; his audience would either love him or hate him for this approach. Most of his audiences were young men and woman that enjoyed his up beat and over the top style of play. One would have to say his style was rock and roll because by nature it is hard and edgy, but he can shape it to be sharp as glass. Even the sharpest of approaches in rock and roll lyrics, will be deeply rooted in an emotion that can cut you like a knife.

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