Letter of Motivation

This environment was a perfect epitome of the enormous power of science and of how science and spirituality, like electricity and magnetism are but two sides of the same coin. As I grew up I was infatuated by the constant evolution of technology. I was awed when the desktop computer in my house was replaced by a laptop. The sheer reduction in size intrigued me. The revelation Of the pivotal role Of electronics came to me when undertook the basic electronic course in my higher secondary class.

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That course gave me a deep sense of satisfaction and propelled me to pursue this subject further Interactions with your theoretical & technical expertise of the faculty and the environment in the University will be a blessing for me It would be a great pleasure and honor for me if given a chance to ensue my graduate studies at your highly esteemed university and if given an opportunity to teach or do research work I would not fall short of your expectations. Hope that you will find in me a deserving and creditable student for your renowned university.

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