Letter of Recommendation

In addition to academics, he has shown keen interest in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. He was always actively involved in organizing various events in the college tech fests reflecting his managerial qualities and leadership skills. Unaired is very enthusiastic, energetic and full of life. He is fun loving cheerful and trustworthy. Unaired has an intelligent mind and a strong will to do meticulous work, all of which are required to pursue higher studies. His flair for solving problems clearly portrays his keen sense of analysis.

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He always had a penchant for experiments. My analysis of him tells me that his basic engineering concepts were thorough and his interpretations of the experiments performed were always precise. In retrospection of what I have seen in Unaired, I am positive that he possesses potential for higher education and his academic credentials promise a brilliant future. I strongly recommend him for M. S.

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