Narrative essay

In the registration day. That morning I woke up early and ready to go the university. I arrived at the university and my first impression about this university, I thought it was a big university like another university in Malaysia but it just a chophouses that renovate to become an university. After that, I just sat under the canopy to register my room and after registration finished i go to find my room at block no 1,3rd floor, room no 14 Suddenly,’ saw my matriculation friend. Y feeling that time ‘oh. Im not alone here’. Hope he will be my roommate here but unfortunately he arrived early than me. My room at third floor, and he at the 1 floor. When enter my room, i meet my new roommate zamia from Juror ,ye also from Juror and lee from penman. This is my first time has Chinese roommate. What I’m fell very grateful is my roommate is same course with me. So,we can study together.

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In the evening, we need to go dean terbium Susquehanna for MM week. It was such a bored orientation week. However, too much things that learned from the orientation weeks. For example, how to managed time,money and so on. In Conclusion, we must adapt a new situation when we just arrived at the new placed and Become a friendly person. Besides, Illuminable I’m feel very grateful to be here no matter how small this university.

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