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Proposal II I. Introduction a. Attention grabber b. General discussion of the topic at hand c. Thesis statement: With the increase in social media usage, teenagers and college students in America are losing their ability to communicate properly and are setting themselves up for failure in the workplace. II. Body Paragraphs a. Concession/Counterargument a. i. Topic sentence: Despite the negative effects, it is undeniable that there are numerous benefits to the increase in internet usage. A. Ii.

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Argument source: Joe Bob, “The Internet Makes Us Smarter. ” a. Ii. Refutation: Although we can now communicate with more people, the quality of our communication is getting worse. B. Background information b. i. Topic sentence: The use of social media by teenagers and college students has increased exponentially in the past few decades. B. Ii. Background source: Jane Doe “The Rise of Internet Usage among American Teens. B. Iii. Background source: John Clarke “The Internet is Replacing Newspapers” b. Iv. Personal experience c. Supporting Point l: communication c. i.

Topic sentence: The internet is creating a new form of communication, now as “teacakes,” and it reduces the use of grammar and clarity in everyday speech and writing. C. Ii. Argument source: Sara Jones “Is the Internet Making Us Speak Worse? ” c. Iii. Exhibit source: Ben Johnson “A Teen in Minnesota Writes a Research paper Using Text Speak. ” d. Supporting Point II: academics d. i. Topic sentence: The decline in communication ability also affects high school and college students negatively when it comes to their academics. D. Ii. Anecdote d. Iii. Background info: Facts and statistics dive.

Argument source: Lou Reed “How Inability to Communicate Makes Us Dumber” e. Supporting Point Ill: workforce e. i. Topic sentence: The decrease in personal communication and the lowering of academic standards caused by the rise in social media will have a negative affect when this generation Of college students tries to enter the workforce. E. Ii. Exhibit Source: personal interview e. Iii. Personal experience e. Iv. Argument source: Katie Jones “Decreasing Ability in the Workforce” Ill. Conclusion a. Restate thesis and main points.

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