Research Paper

Your final project for this course will be a research paper of 1500 words with a minimum of four sources. Well have a library orientation session on October 28 that will assist you in learning how to do academic research on a literary topic. You will choose any text (or two texts), either poetry or short fiction, that we have read over the course of the semester for your topic.

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I recommend you take one of three approaches that I will be going over with ou in class: formalist (focusing on the text’s structure and literary devices), theoretical (reading the text for issues of gender, race, class, psychology, etc. ), or contextual (focusing on the text’s historical, cultural, and social context). Assignment Requirements: We will review two separate drafts of the research paper that must be a minimum of 750 words: once in class as peer review on November 18, and once in an individual paper conference with me on November 25.

You need a inimum of four appropriate academic sources, which will be cited in MLA format as in-text citations and on a Works Cited page. The final draft will be submitted to SafeAssign and as a print copy to me on the last day of class, December 9. The final draft must be in MLA format and be a minimum of 1500 words. You’re welcome to apply the extra credit to the research paper so make sure you plan accordingly to schedule a session with a writing tutor before the final draft of the paper is due.

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