Sense and Sensibility

Through the use of character portrayal, visual imagery, and thematic ideas the film writer creates a successful movie. The actors develop their characters and had an amazing performance. All characters played an excellent dramatic role and each of them stood out as individuals. Barbara Slaughter Of the San Francisco Examiner States, “Thompson creates a world so believable in its absurd rigidity that we feel we have known these characters all our lives. ” She brings the characters alive through the diction he is presented to the viewers.

In the film each character has a role and each character plays that role and that helps to get the author’s character across to the audience. Throughout the movie Michael Coulter took advantage of the use of cinematic techniques. Jenny Bean and John Bright develop setting, costuming and make-up to help give viewers a visual story as well as auditory. Jack Karol opined, “As writer and actress, Thompson has all right Austin rhythms and filmmaker Nag Lee orchestrates with sensitivity and style.

The screen teems and brilliant costumes and crackles with dialogue that turns English into verbal Mozart. ” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an influential composer of the Classical era. He composed over 600 works and is one of the most enduringly popular classical composers. For the movie to be compared to one of the most popular classical composer show the hard work and dedication to a great performance. Through the use of pantomime and action characters creates an interesting environment and develop the different themes.

Also in the film included a lot of thematic ideas that depicted in some way the era and conventions in order to maintain certain thematic ideas. Usually when two individuals have a mutual connection fate will combine the soul mates together; that theme IS related to the film because of the beginning to the end the results were unpredictable. Barbara Slaughter of the San Francisco Examiner enthused, “The movie is so intelligently wrought, and so full of good spirit that even those who have behaved badly are at the ND given the chance to seem human and pained by their own weaknesses. At the end of the movie everyone was married; they experience both romance and heartbreak. In conclusion through the use of character portrayal, visual imagery, and thematic ideas the film writer creates a successful movie.

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