My office hours are variable, so an appointment is advisable. We will be using Learning this semester as our main form of class communication. Please check Learning weekly for updates, presentation materials, handouts and assignments. Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions ACT 6330- Intermediate Financial Accounting Course Description This course introduces the basic concepts, philosophy, standards, procedures, and practices of auditing.

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Topics include generally accepted auditing standards, the changing role of the independent auditor, professional conduct and ethics, auditor’s reporting responsibilities, risk assessment, internal control, evidential matter and management fraud. *Video and Audio recording during class is not permitted without prior approval. Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes This course has four primary learning objectives: Learning Goals/Objectives Learning Outcome/Assessment Develop an understanding of auditing Selected Readings, assignment and assurance services: questions, exam questions, case analysis.

Develop an understanding of the professional Case Analysis, assignment questions, and ethical responsibilities in auditing. Exam questions. Develop an understanding of an auditor’s Case Analysis, assignment questions, reporting obligations and responsibilities. Develop an understanding of the process Case Analysis, Readings, and completion used by independent external auditors in Of a research project. Performing a financial audit.

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